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We have EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE in plumbing, drain clog service, sewer pipe repair and water heaters!

Located in Marietta, Georgia we service Atlanta AND much of the surrounding outer metro areas! We’re also available 24 HOURS A DAY & 7 DAYS a week! EMERGENCY SERVICE REPAIR? No problem! We’ve been cleaning out clogged pipes without cleaning out our customers’ bank accounts FOR OVER 15 years!

Did you know, sinks, tubs and toilets should all drain faster than it comes out of the faucet, shower or toilet bowl? If your plumbing fixtures aren’t performing the way they should be, it’s money going down that drain! Call the Clog Dawg TODAY for fast and professional service (404) 998-1967.

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When your main sewer line is clogged, there’s only one place for the waste water to go – back into your home one way or another. Main line stoppage is a serious issue and you and your family should refrain from using all plumbing fixtures until it is repaired. You're going to need our plumbing expertise right away for our main line service if you are experiencing problems in your home including:

• Toilet clogs – your toilets are the most direct drain line to your sewer main. If one or more toilets do not drain properly or waste water comes back up into the bowl after flushing, you likely have a main line clog.

• Water comes up in the tub or other plumbing fixtures after you flush the toilet – the water pressure exerted when you flush the toilet has to go somewhere and many times it is through your tub drain. If water comes up through your tub after you flush, call The Clog Dawg for quick plumbing service.

• Your toilet fills up when you run the sink – if your toilet isn’t flushing right, run the sink closest to the toilet for a minute or so. Do you notice air bubbles or the water level rising? That’s a good sign you need the main drain line service from The Clog Dawg! Call today for everything from general plumbing services to sewer services

Hot Water Issues?


Maybe your drains are working as they should, but if you can’t get any hot water, you don’t want to use many of your plumbing fixtures anyways. Call The Clog Dawg for quick water heater repairs and replacements in Marietta, Georgia. Whether you need a new water heater or a repair , we’ve got the tools and the expertise that will have you enjoying the luxury of hot water again in no time.

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