Plumbers’ Tips on Avoiding Frozen Pipes

  • Keep the heat turned on! No lower than 55°F. Whatever you do, make sure you keep it mostly steady and account for nightly temperature drops as needed!
  • Keep the interior doors open so heat from throughout can help to heat the pipes. This can be especially important for cabinets and cupboards as well!
  • Wrap pipes with insulation material or heat tape. Exposed pipes are the most the susceptible to freezing! Be careful with this and make sure you’re following all listed instructions!!
  • Wrap indoor water meters with a blanket! You can wrap and outdoor meter with a blanket too! Blankets make everything better.
  • When temperatures remain below 10 degrees, keep a thin stream of water running continuously. Now is the time to let those faucets drip!
  • Seal leaks that allow cold air inside near where the pipes are! Search out any air leaks where the cold could be sneaking into your home! A Slow leak of cold air can be enough to cause a pipe to freeze!
  • Mark the master water valve inside the home so you can turn off water quickly if a pipe breaks.