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Sewer clog and pipe repair in Marietta, GA

A slowly draining sink or toilet is a nuisance, but it typically won’t compromise the condition of your entire water supply or the functioning of your other plumbing fixtures. Sewer drain clogs, however, can affect all of your plumbing fixtures and expose you and your family to backed up waste water.

If your sewer line is partially or fully clogged, call The Clog Dawg immediately for sewer drain clog repair in Marietta, Georgia. Call (404) 998-1967 today for main line stoppage service.


Severe clogs, penetrating roots, shifting soil and other factors can damage your main sewer line, causing whole-house plumbing issues. If your main line is damaged, you will likely notice unpleasant odors and flooding around the source of the damage. These issues must be addressed immediately to restore safe use of water in your household. Call The Clog Dawg anytime for quick and reliable sewer pipe repairs and replacements in Marietta, Georgia.

Have you considered investing in a house lately?

If so, consider having the sewer lines checked. The sewer lines, inside and outside of house, can have a camera ran through them to check for and clogs or even breaks. You never know what the previous owner may have put into the lines. The camera can locate and push through a clog or show a broken pipe that would need to be repaired or replaced.

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