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5 Top Benefits You Get From Tankless Water Heaters

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Water heaters are a simple, necessary thing. But they can also be pretty boring.

Sure, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative with how tankless water heater install—and there’s always the opportunity to add a little personality by getting a tankless water heater rather than a traditional tank-style model.

But what exactly does that mean? What are the best brands? Is it actually worth the extra money? And how do you identify if you need one in the first place? We’ve got all the answers right here!

In this article, we’ll walk through everything from the basics of tankless water heater installation to tankless hot water heater maintenance so that you can make a well-informed purchase decision about whether or not replacing your old water heater with a new one will be worth it.

What is a tankless water heater?

A tankless water heater is a device that heats water on demand. While a traditional water heater stores hot water in a tank for later usage, a tankless water heater heats water on demand. In other words, when you turn on the faucet to take a shower or wash dishes, your tankless hot water heater will heat the water at that moment and then shut off when you’re done using it.

Tankless water heaters are designed to provide hot water more quickly than traditional storage models and conserve energy. This makes them ideal for homes with limited space or energy resources.

5 Benefits Of Tankless Hot Water Heater

Tankless hot water heaters are great for the environment, wallet, and home.

The benefits of a tankless hot water heater are many, including:

Energy Efficiency

One of the most obvious benefits of a tankless water heater is that it is much more energy efficient than your average tank. Because the water is heated as you use it and not stored in a tank, you only use what you want at the moment. This means you will not be wasting energy by keeping hot water ready whenever you need it.

Endless Hot Water

Another benefit of a tankless hot water heater is that they are able to produce endless amounts of hot water! This means that no matter how many showers or baths you take throughout the day, plenty of hot water will always be ready for you when you need it.

Space Saving

Tankless water heaters are designed to fit in tight spaces, so they don’t take up as much room as traditional models. You can install them in places you wouldn’t be able to with a traditional hot water heater, like under the counter or in closets.

Longer Lifespan

Another benefit of a tankless hot water heater is that it last longer than traditional models. It’s not just because they don’t take up as much space—it’s also because they are made with more durable materials and better technology. The lifespan of these machines can be as high as 20 years! That means that when you buy one, you will never have to stress about replacing it for a long time—and when you do replace it, it won’t cost as much as replacing something that costs less but breaks down every couple of years (like those old-fashioned ones).

Reduced Risk of Water Damage

A tankless hot water heater is great for reducing the risk of water damage. A tankless hot water heater lets you have as much hot water as you require whenever you want it. Moreover, tankless systems don’t store a lot of water, so they don’t have as much risk of damage if anything goes wrong with the heating element or other components. This means they’re easier to service and maintain than a traditional hot water heater.

The Downside Of Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are a great alternative to traditional tank-based water heaters. They’re more efficient and can be installed in smaller spaces, which is great if you’re trying to save space or money. But they do have some drawbacks. So it’s essential to look at both tankless water heater pros and cons. Here are some downsides of tankless hot water heater installation:

Higher Initial Cost

The initial cost of a tankless water heater installation is higher than that of a tank-type traditional model. However, tankless water heaters are more energy efficient in a long time as they do not keep hot water stored in pipes. Thus, they can save you money by reducing your energy bills.

Limited Simultaneous Hot Water Supply

While tanked water heaters can deliver hot water simultaneously to multiple fixtures (like several showers), tankless units cannot do so. This means that if you have a large family or many people in your household who want to take a shower at once, you’ll need more than one tankless unit installed in order for everyone to have enough hot water at their disposal.

Flow Rate Dependency

Tankless water heaters have a fixed flow rate, which means that you can’t turn them off and on at will. If you try to use these when there is a low demand for hot water, they won’t be able to keep up.

What is the difference between Tankless Water Heater vs. Tank Water Heater?

If you’re looking to upgrade your current water heater, you might be confused about which one to choose. There are so many options on the market these days, and it can be hard to tell which one is right for you.

Here’s a table summarizing the main differences between tankless water heaters and tank water heaters:

Tankless Water HeaterTank Water Heater
Energy EfficiencyMore energy-efficient, no standby heat lossLess energy-efficient, standby heat loss
Hot Water SupplyEndless supply of hot waterLimited supply based on tank capacity
Space RequirementCompact and space-savingRequires more space for the tank
LifespanLonger lifespan (around 20 years or more)Shorter lifespan (around 10-15 years)
Installation FlexibilityFlexible installation options, wall-mountedLimited installation options, floor-mounted
Water Damage RiskReduced risk of leaks and water damageThe potential risk of leaks and water damage
Initial CostHigher upfront costLower upfront cost
MaintenanceGenerally lower maintenance requirementsRegular maintenance recommended
Simultaneous UseCan handle multiple hot water demandsLimited simultaneous use depending on capacity
Long-Term CostPotential energy savings, lower operating costsHigher energy consumption, higher operating costs

10 Tips For Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

If you’re looking for tips to keep your tankless water heater running smoothly, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re a new homeowner who just chose tankless water heater installation or an old pro who’s been using them for years, there are essential things you can do to get the best out of your investment and make sure it keeps working as well as it should.

Here are some of our best tips for keeping your tankless water heater in top condition:

1. Consider replacing the filter regularly.

2. Check your venting system often and make sure it’s clear of debris or obstructions.

3. Don’t forget to flush out your tankless water heater occasionally!

4. Make sure your tankless water heater is installed properly and safely—and that there are no leaks!

5. Keep an eye on the pressure release valve and make sure it doesn’t get blocked with debris or obstructions (it should be periodically opened and closed).

6. Make sure to change the anode rod at least once a year. This helps protect against corrosion and extends the life of your tankless water heater.

7. Keep an eye out for leaks around your tankless water heater or pipes leading into or out of it; if you see any leaks, it’s time to call in the professionals for tankless water heater service(again).

8. If all else fails, get yourself a backup generator so that if there’s ever an issue with power when you need hot water most—you can still have it!

9. Make sure there’s no sediment buildup in your pipes—it can clog them up and damage them over time! You can do this by flushing out the pipes with vinegar once per month (just make sure they don’t have lead solder!).

10. Look for a professional tankless water heater repair near me and have them come out once a year for a complete inspection and cleaning—that way, you know everything is working properly!

5 Best Water Heaters for You

You might be thinking about getting a tankless water heater for your home, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the cost.

Here’s the thing: If you have a tankless heater, you don’t need to stress about hot water again. They use an electrical element to heat up the water as it flows through, so they don’t need storage space, and they’re more efficient than traditional models. That means less money is spent on energy bills every year.

But how do you know which brand is best? We’ve got you covered! We’ve researched some of the top brands in the industry so you can make an informed decision when choosing Marietta tankless water heater installation for your home.


Rheem is a well-established brand offering a wide range of tankless water heaters known for their energy efficiency and durability. They provide both gas and electric models suitable for various residential and commercial applications.


Rinnai is a renowned brand specializing in tankless water heaters. They offer a comprehensive lineup of high-efficiency gas and propane models designed to deliver consistently hot water on demand. Rinnai is known for its advanced technology, durability, and excellent customer service.


Navien is a popular brand known for its innovative and energy-efficient tankless water heaters. Navien’s products often incorporate advanced features such as condensing technology and built-in recirculation systems. They offer a range of gas-powered models that prioritize performance and eco-friendly operation.


Noritz is another trusted brand recognized for its reliable tankless water heaters. They offer diverse gas-powered models designed for residential and commercial use. Noritz emphasizes energy efficiency, ease of installation, and user-friendly operation.


Bosch is a well-known manufacturer that produces a variety of home appliances, including tankless water heaters. Their tankless models focus on energy efficiency, compact design, and advanced technology. Bosch offers both gas and electric tankless water heaters suitable for different household sizes and hot water demands.


Sometimes you have to ask tough questions to get the answers and make a well-informed decision.

Here are some of the most common questions we get about tankless water heaters and what you can expect from our products.

Tankless water heaters heat up your water as it passes through them, which means they warm up and cool down quickly. You should be able to get hot water within a few seconds after turning on your faucet.

To install a tankless water heater, follow these steps:

1. Read the instructions for your tankless water heater and make sure you have all the parts that come with it.

2. Turn off the power to your tankless water heater at the breaker box.

3. Connect the gas line to the gas line on your tankless water heater and turn on the gas supply valve.

4. Connect the drain pipe to your tankless water heater and turn on the drain valve on top of your tankless water heater if applicable.

It depends on the size of your home and how much hot water you’ll be using. Generally speaking, though, you can expect to pay between $300 and $700 for installation.

Tankless water heaters use less energy than traditional tanks and don’t have to be refilled as often—which means that, over time, they can actually save you money on your energy bills!

Yes! If you have an outdoor shower or other outdoor plumbing needs, a tankless water heater is perfect for ensuring you always have access to hot water.

You can put your tankless water heater anywhere where there’s an electrical outlet nearby. It doesn’t matter whether you have natural gas or propane access; all you need is electricity to power the device itself. If you want to place it near your kitchen sink or shower, then make sure there’s enough space so that no one gets burned by accidentally touching something hot!

Tankless water heaters have an average temperature range of 120-185 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of hot showers and baths without stressing about wasting energy on something that doesn’t matter as much as other household activities (like cooking dinner).

Hire Professional For Tankless Water Heater Services In Marietta, GA!

If you’re looking for tankless water heater services in Marietta, GA, The Clog Dawg Plumbing & Hydrojetting Inc is here to help. We know that finding a company you can trust with your home and family’s plumbing needs can be tough due to the complexity of the job and the many scams out there.

The Clog Dawg Plumbing & Hydrojetting Inc has provided quality service in North Atlanta and the surrounding area for many years. We’re a locally-owned business, and we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customer’s needs and provide them with solutions that meet those needs. We believe in doing things right the first time, so we take the time to know your unique situation before we start working on it.

We offer a variety of tankless water heater services, including:

  • Tankless water heater installation Marietta, GA 
  • Tankless water heater repair service
  • Tankless water heater maintenance service
  • Tankless Water Heater Replacement service

When you hire us as your tankless water heater services provider, we’ll take care of everything from start to finish—and that includes:

-Free consultation and estimate

-Professional installation services

-Our team will always show up on time and ready to work!

-Our technicians are highly trained in the latest techniques for tankless water heater installation in Marietta, GA

We understand that when you need tankless water heater services in Marietta, GA, you want them as soon as possible. That is why we offer 24/7 service, so you can get the best things when you require it. Our licensed and trained plumbers have years of experience and understand exactly how to fix your tankless water heater issues. We will leave your home clean and ensure everything is working properly before we leave.

Whether you need repairs or an installation from top to bottom or need help with maintenance for tankless water heater, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the plumbing job done right. We will also help you choose the best system for your home so that you can enjoy a long-lasting, energy-efficient, cost-effective product too!

If you need Tankless Water Heater Services in Marietta, or have any questions about what we do or how we fix it, feel free to give us a call at  (404) 998-1967!

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