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    Looking for a go-to plumbing company to handle your drain and sewer needs? Look no further than the experts from The Clog Dawg Plumbing & Hydrojetting Inc. We are the leading North Atlanta and Cobb County plumbing company with skilled and highly trained professionals who are committed to ensuring your peace of mind with every job.

    Our plumbing services cover the North Atlanta Metro Area and Cobb County, including:

    Call now for the fast and reliable solutions you need! Serving the complete plumbing needs of North Atlanta and Cobb County.

    The Clog Dawg Plumbing, Septic & Hydro Jetting Inc.

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    In the North Atlanta Metro Area and Cobb County

    We provide a full range of residential and commercial plumbing services–from drain cleaning to water heater replacement and everything in between. We are also available to handle emergencies with 24/7 service. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts for immediate plumbing services in the North Atlanta area and Cobb County.

    The Clog Dawg Plumbing, Septic & Hydro Jetting Inc.
    The Clog Dawg Plumbing, Septic & Hydro Jetting Inc.

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    When you work with us you can always expect an honest discussion of your needs and options for repair or replacement to help you make the best decision for your home or business.


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    Plumbing problems typically can’t wait! That’s why we are available for 24/7 emergency service and are committed to getting to your home or business ASAP with the right solution.

    peace of mind

    Peace of Mind

    Our goal is to ensure the safety and efficiency of your plumbing. No matter the job, big or small, you can rely on our team to provide the peace of mind you need to achieve worry-free plumbing.

    5 star reviews

    What Our Customers Say

    Called about a clogged sewer line and they were out within the hour. Fixed the problem without an issue and made recommendations for future maintenance of an older line. Very professional. Glad to have them as a resource!
    Janet Rau
    Great service and experience. Derrick was super professional and got our hot water back up super quickly!
    Jayson Hill
    Derek showed up exactly on time and unclogged two whole showers in less than 30 minutes and even gave some tips on how to prevent it and fix it ourselves in the future! We’ll definitely use them again if we need more plumbing work done.
    Steve, Ron, and John did an amazing job with my plumbing issue.
    Michael Bell
    I used A DIFFERENT plumbing company and experienced a complication. I called Clog Dawg for advice on how to handle the situation. Randy, took his time and gave me some advice to help me trouble shoot the situation involving a clogged pressure valve resulting from an exterior plumbing repair that Clog Dawg had nothing to do with at no charge. So, when my main sewer line clogged at another property, I made sure to get a quote from Clog Dawg. Very glad I did! The quote I got from a plumbing company with lots of "R's" in the name was nearly $10,000 MORE than Clog Dawg. Make no mistake, there are always predators out there seeking to capitalize on people in difficult situations and plumbing is no different. My two experiences with Clog Dawg have been impressive. Integrity is a quality lacking in today's world. George and Randy at Clog Dawg are an example of what integrity means. GO DAWGs!!!
    Great experience! I called this company after a big box plumbing company failed me. They showed up to perform a hydro jetting service to clear clog from main sewer line. They were able to show up same day (actually within the hour). I had a pipe camera service performed to ensure the hydro jetting service was a success and the pipe is 100% clear. I will certainly call this company in the future.
    Zachary Kozuch
    Quick, professional, and friendly. I had A clog in my water main late in the afternoon and they were able to get Derek out there who did an amazing job and got it done quick. Couldn’t have asked for better service from anyone, and would recommend to anyone.
    sonny wilson
    The guys at Clog Dawg fixed my crushed main waste line. I called them on a Saturday, they arrived on Sunday morning, and worked until dark. They got the job done, the price was totally reasonable considering the massive amount of work they performed, the the professionalism was excellent!
    Andrew Henderson
    good service
    Joel Lopez
    Great customer service.
    Kelli West
    Kenny was prompt, professional and was able to work on my issue on a Sunday. That was a total relief to me and my household, as I am in a one-bathroom bungalow. I was able to afford the service, even though it was a Sunday—which made me nervous that the rates would be high. But not this company. Kenny took time to explain my issue and give me tips to prevent further back ups. So very appreciative.
    Amber Welch
    Prompt and professional services,,also knowledgeable about job performing
    o c
    Great company had several other companies out and none had problem fixed. Clog dawg came out one time and repaired issue and I haven't had any issues since.
    D.C. Cerutti
    The clog dawg was very quick in response time! Kenny was so very professional and efficient, not to mention handsome. I will definitely recommend this company and will call them with all my plumbing needs! Highly recommended.
    Diana Ferrara
    What an amazing, fast, and efficient company! They will be the first person I call with all of my plumbing needs! Steve is an efficient and punctual asset to the company, and has impeccable repair solutions.
    Joseph Cerutti
    Another great experience - George came on Friday night late and by Saturday afternoon we had hot water. Count on the Clog Dawg team to answer the call and be there for you no matter what day and time.
    Christophe Cadiou
    Jon was very professional and had a pleasant demeanor with the completion of the nasty dirty job!! This company was the best of 4 others in the area I called to fix my issue.Definitely recommend and will use again.
    Tyshawndra Lowe
    Mr. George was such a pleasure to deal with. His services were to the point, professional, and very knowledgeable on everything he worked on. Great customer service and energy as well. I recommend him to all Atlanta natives who have any plumbing issues.
    Kevin Kornegay
    Steve and team were AMAZING. He was very knowledgeable, efficient and extremely helpful. With every given step to resolve my late night overflow, he demonstrated extreme professionalism and the utmost respect. I recommend Steve with Clog Dawg Plumbing.Mrs Westry
    Salanda Westry
    Repair plumber Steve very pleasant, on time, very professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend.
    Tia O'kelley
    Excellent work on time and fair pricingHighly recommend this company
    Edward Lynch
    I had a big emergency my house wasn’t getting hot water. And I had a leak in my water line, it was backing up outside at the meter. Within 24 hours these guys came in; looked over the problem and solved it. Come to find out I needed a new main water line and they repaired my hit water heater so I wouldn’t have to purchase a new one. Thank you for your timely help.
    jovon braddy
    Great job will recommend this company
    Michael Ford
    We had a very good experience with Clog Dawg Plumbing. We finally called in the professionals when my husband waived the white flag on a stubborn clog. The plumber, George arrived on time. What a surprise! He took care of our clog quickly and with little cost to us. He was professional, courteous and clearly knowledgeable. He provided many laughs for no additional charge! I would call Clog Dawg again without hesitation!
    Mel WW
    Saturday morning, I woke up to a neighbor calling me about water spewing from my yard flooding the street. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a meter key stick to turn it off. It took Cobb County about 2 hours to get here. It only took The Clog Dawg about 30 min to get here.I found The Clog Dawg on Yelp and they were the 3rd plumbing company called. The other ones couldn’t get to my house for at least 6+ hours…. This is including the emergency plumbing call and up charge. Kenny was very professional and informative. While he was here, I was on the phone with my homeowners insurance company and he was able to help with technical questions. It was a ruptured fitting and fixed in a jiffy. Thanks to the Clog Dawg for saving my weekend!
    Kathryn Bunn
    Kenny and George came out to help me with some plumbing needs and did a great job. The guys were very professional, cleaned up from their work, did it for a fair price, and kept me informed through the process. I highly recommend this team.
    Clod Dawg was AWESOME !! We had a severely clogged main sewer line out near the street, and ALL plumbing in house was unusable until fixed. George came late in the day, on NEW YEARS DAY, and fixed this clog. Used an exceptionally professional piece of equipment, and worked after dark so we could use the house. Pricing seemed very reasonable given work performed. Provided sewer line photos and quotes on potential line replacement. Very professional. Call the DAWG !!
    Russell Holladay
    I’ve been using this company for a couple years now, and they are consistently easy to engage, rate card is straightforward, and they get in and out fast.
    Sainath Thoppil (Amritesh)
    I had a great overall experience. Kenny showed up on time, and suggested several options to resolve the problem. Once we agreed on a fair price, the work was completed on time and the results were amazing.We will use Kenny in the future and refer him to friends.
    Robert Peña
    Kenny and his team really helped us out with great work, honest service and speedy turnaround. 11/10!
    Daniel Lamb
    I was told that I have a whole house clog. I had 3 plumbers come out and none of them could resolve the issue. The 1st Plumber stated their drain snake wasn't long enough to reach the clog. The 2nd plumber stated their drain snake couldn't break thru the clog, so it must be roots in the line. Lastly Roto-Rooter, put a camera down the line that couldn't get past the bend in the pipe. This in their words was a plumbing mystery. All 3 plumbers tried to locate the cleanout for the house and were unable to do so.I called The Clog Dawgs and George was here for less than 20 minutes, assessed the issue and went to work. George and Kenny were able to dig and locate the clean-out. They hydrojetted the cleanout and cleared the clog. The Clog Dawgs were able to do what 3 other plumbers couldn't. So, so, so grateful for their expertise!!!
    Nikki Roberson
    We faced the nightmare of sewage backing up into our tub less than a month of moving into our house. Being new to the area I just went down a list and started calling plumbers. Clog Dawg was the first to respond and I am glad they did.George was great! Explained what was wrong and our options. Easy to talk to, super communicative. It was devastating to learn how bad the pipes were but George did his best to stick to the estimate. Our entire plumbing system was replaced in just two days!It was a bad situation but George and Clog Dawg made the best of it!
    Jennifer Pavlick
    George showed up early and had my garbage disposal replaced and working great in less than 20 minutes.
    Matthew Williams
    Kenny was awesome, he was very clear about what he was doing and why it needed to be done. He found some additional problems but was clear about how critical they were or were not and was not pushy about getting them done immediately like some other plumbers I've dealt with have been. I look forward to working with Clog Dawg again in the future... well, no, I never "look forward" to needing a plumber, but you know what I mean.
    Tom Aguero
    The Clog Dawg quickly sent a plumber who diagnosed and repaired the problem. He was professional and courteous. The price was fair. After trying other companies whose work left much to be desired, I’m happy to report that we’ve found our new plumber!
    Cynthia Dubin
    I cannot give enough positive feedback to the Clog Dawg team! George came over and fixed our sewage pipe that was cracked due to roots. They were fair with pricing, accurate in finding the issue and quickly took care of it. We called them to come over and take a look, they came over same day and the next day George and team were fixing it bright and early in the AM. If you need ANY plumbing, call these guys. It is a locally owned company! Not only are you supporting a wonderful small business, but you will get great professional work. We are planning to remodel our basement and they will be the first on our list when it comes to installing our plumbing. Thank you Clog Dawg!! Yall are awesome. We really appreciate you guys!
    Evie Cashen
    Great service! I called and had a technician onsite 2-3 hours later. He was professional and took care of the clog immediately. I was very happy and satisfied. I will use this company in the future.
    Caitlin Peake
    Kenny arrived on time and had the issue figured out in minutes. Had all of the needed parts on truck and was in out quick. Very much appreciate your service and professionalism.
    Marc Nash
    The company responded quickly and sent George to help. The estimate was quite a bit more than I expected but the company gave me a $200 coupon off for cash payment. George was awesome, friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and got the job done! Problems solved, thank you George!
    Nantze (Nantz)
    Prompt, efficient and its obvious customer service is a priority. I have used this company several times. Kenny and Steve did a great job repairing my sewer line.
    Dawn Stokes
    While I was preparing dinner my faucet stopped working, I noticed a bad leak underneath so I called Clog Dawg to come and repair it. Within half an hour George was at my house and in less than an hour he replaced my faucet and it was fully functional again. Thank you Clog Dawg and thank you George!!
    Nadia Squatrito
    George has been great, super helpful through each step of the process. No one wants sewage backing up into their tub but if you do the Clog Dawgs are the ones to call! I called several plumbers and they were the first to arrive and we’re so glad it was them. Even enjoyed his music selection. 🙂
    Andrew Sagar
    Gave Clog Dawg a call to come out and fix the problem. They arrived quickly and looked at what was wrong with my drain. Told me exactly what was wrong and how long it would take to fix. Other companies wanted to charge me $600 and said it would take 3-4 hours to fix. Clog Dawg charged me $250 and had it fixed and cleaned up within an hour. Very Profesional and knowledgeable.
    Andrew Gray
    Thank everything i own for this company.. They were so honest and on time.. Fix my issue and made my liFe so much easier.. Ask for George or kenny.. They are on point!! Thank you so much CLOG DAWG!!!
    Fredi Tumax
    Kenny was great! Explained everything that needed to be done to replace the main plumbing line through the yard, they showed up on time, and got the work done quickly. All before a holiday weekend!
    Matthew D Gillett
    Very professional and interested in doing the right thing for the customer. Also very reasonable pricing and great service! Kenny was helpful and took the time to explain the issue to me and proposed regular drain cleaning I can do to help prevent future issues.
    Debra Donovan
    Kyle was very knowledgeable and informative he not only solved my problem but also taught me a few things and was very personable. Will definitely be utilizing this company in the future if need be.
    Mz Abree
    Kyle was great, did the job very well
    Ronnie lack
    Great all the way around. Kyle G. was a great help, did his very best to solve our problems, and was cheerful about it as well. I highly recommend Clog Dawg and Kyle if you need the services of a professional.Thanks, Tony
    anthony schoenecker
    Kyle and George were great! They were patient in answering all of my questions and kept me informed throughout the process. They paid attention to detail and worked quickly to gets back up and running before the weekend! Highly recommend!
    Brittany Anderson
    Kyle came out today and quickly assessed our leak and discussed the options for repair. He was also friendly and conscientious not to make any unnecessary mess and remove repair debris from our home. Would use them again in the future.
    Marc Hogan
    I’ve been looking for a qualified and reasonably priced plumber/plumbing company for several years now, since mine retired. I miss you, Jerry Fowler! The Clog Dawg was able to schedule my job quickly. Kyle came out on time, was professional, but kind and engaging, and did clean and quality work. Once I saw that he was trade smart and licensed, I requested Kyle do additional plumbing work to bring my home up to date. He communicated with me clearly and in detail about each line item. Kyle’s truck was fully stocked with everything we needed, he was graciously willing to do the extra work, and his manager adapted the Kyle’s schedule on the spot without question. He performed all of the work with attention to detail and efficiently, using quality parts. I believe this company’s charges were within the range of what other plumbing companies charge for the services rendered me. The Clog Dawg is my new plumbing company, and i will ask for Kyle if I need to have additional work done in the future.
    ginger samaritan
    George did a great job jetting our storm drain. Worked hard and was very professional. We will use them again!
    Debbie Smith
    Kyle garland was amazing quick and very professional
    sammy Curtis
    Fast service
    Cheryl Early
    Amazing experience. They came out the same day & fixed our plunging crisis in our business. They had the parts of the truck. Kyle & Steve are great!!! They educated us & fixed the problem. Thanks guys
    Karim Hafeez
    We used Clog Dawg today and were very pleased with their service! John arrived on time and immediately began assessing what needed to be done. Our septic tank needed to be pumped. He discovered other issues that were the result of poor work done by the last company we used. That was what caused our problem. He was very knowledgeable and explained the problem and solutions thoroughly so I understood everything! Very professional but also friendly. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Clog Dawg!!
    karen cantrell
    Tim and Kyle were awesome. They came out an made sure that the clog was removed before leaving. I highly recommend them for your pluming needs.
    Krystal Cansler
    When I called Clog Dawg regarding my emergency septic issue, they were already booked, but said they would contact me if an opening became available. Well, that's exactly what they did. John arrived promptly. He's professional and an expert at what he does. John, you saved my day!! And because of your service, I plan to use Clog Dawg for all of my future plumbing/septic needs....hopefully not too soon though. Thank you for your excellent service!
    Ros Warren
    Kenny came out the day of and gave me honest assessment on the repairs needed. He was prompt, professional, and followed through on everything we agreed upon. 2nd time using the company for major repairs, and will use them again if something major comes up with my next home.
    Drew Trammell
    Kyle and the team at Clog Dawg is the best! I am a local pool contractor and we needed copper plumbing done in order to meet a deadline to install concrete around an existing pool deck. Not only did they accommodate the next business day, they sent their best (Kyle). Not only did they complete the job same day but Kyle took the time to communicate clearly what needed to be done, what the price was and took the time to explain why some things might not be a good idea and what the pros and cons of each would be. I am highly impressed with the service there!
    Ronny Barrett
    Great company, highly recommended!!!
    Kyle Garland
    I recently had Tim Polk from Clog Dawg out to reroute our sump pump that was installed incorrectly by our contractor. Tim did a great job and everything is working exactly like it should now. I would highly recommend Tim and Clog Dawg.
    Jeff Robertson
    Kenny was very knowledgeable and professional. He came right away after we called and helped save us from serious plumping issues. I will 100% call this company and request Kenny for all of my future plumbing needs.
    Gillian Mitchell
    The Clog Dawg team are truly plumbing angels. My mother had a badly clogged sink that required unclogging it from the roof. I called 9 different plumbers around the metro area and nobody was able to help with the issue. The one commercial company that could was charging over 1k for the service. I found the Clog Dawg online and called. They immediately answered and advised they do this service all the time. They were able to make an appointment within 48 hours and gave me such a reasonable quote and details of the service that was needed. They arrived on time and was so professional, polite and patient with my mother. They were able to remove the clog and make my mom’s day. The quote was accurate and I highly recommend the The Clog Dawg to anyone with plumbing issues. I will used them for now on.
    Ty Ingram
    I came down at 3 AM to hear one of our pipes leaking in the ceiling-- a sound no one wants to hear! We called Clog Dawg the next morning, and they arrived at 10:30 AM on the same day. Tim did an excellent job finding the problem pipe and replaced it, listening to concerns and diagnosing the problem. Tim's handiwork allowed us to have working water the same day! I would definitely use Clog Dawg's services again, and I can't recommend Tim enough.
    Garrett Mahan
    They did amazing work and all the guys that came out really seemed to love their job. I know next time I will just call them first and save myself a lot of trouble.
    gaguy 101
    Great experience
    Had a sewer line clog in rear yard. Clog Dawg cleared and repaired ASAP.Great service!
    GJ Enterprises
    I live in a high rise and George from Clog Dawg came and fixed my clogged sink. He was extremely professional and friendly. It turned out to be my building's issue, not my unit's issue, and he was nice enough to explain everything to my building maintenance person. I would highly recommend Clog Dawg as they really care about the people they service.
    Derek Owens
    I was a little worried because of all the five star reviews because I almost wondered if they were bought because of how many the company has. However I was very happy with their services, they came out the next day and had the parts ready to go for the following day. The gentleman that came out to my house was very professional and genuine. I would definitely use them again.
    ca place
    Able to schedule quickly, showed up on time and very knowledgeable. Completed project in a very timely manner. I was out of town so they allowed a warranty until I was able to get home and assess the work done. Pipe was fixed appropriately! Would recommend
    Chelsea Spudie
    Steven and Kenny and crew did a great job for us on Christmas Eve; they replaced all cast iron pipe with PVC and replaced commodes. I would wholeheartedly recommend them for future workSteve in Tucker
    Steven Shugart
    What more can I say- it's Christmas eve and they just left my house to make sure we were taken care of and comfortable for the holidays. These guys were the most personable, honest, hard working group of guys we could have asked for. They went above and beyond every expectation. We rent an old house and when the plumbing stopped working, George was at my house within three hours of my call, and then had two more guys come out to double and triple check what the issue was. Steve even got on the phone with my landlord and talked her through the entire process, step by step and assured her that the work was necessary, but never pressured her - just explained the urgency of the situation on our behalf, and spoke for us in a way we would not have been able to. We dealt with 5 different guys who work at the Clog Dawg, and they were all so knowledgeable, friendly, and hardworking. They treated us like they cared, from the beginning, and I am so grateful they were the only company I called. They will be the first and only call I make when I need any type of plumbing work done. Even my dog loved them 🙂
    Lauren Pingree
    I called Clog Dawg on Christmas Eve to locate and repair a leak in our ceiling. George was able to come out that day and quickly diagnosed the problem and removed the damaged copper section causing the leak with PEX. I had left messages with two other plumbers, but they did not return my call. Clog Dawg answered their phone and said that even though they had a lot of jobs that day, they would be able to fit us in their schedule. Thanks!!
    Kent Hite
    I called The Clog Dawg on Thanksgiving Day and they were out in 15 minutes!It started with gurgling from a toilet. Then I opened the cleanout and water poured out. I knew I had a clog beyond what home tools could fix. George came by and said he knew what it was... it was roots. I had no idea what that meant at the time.George jetted my sewer line to get things draining again and then advised a line replacement. I agreed and we scheduled it for the next day. He showed up the next day and began digging. He pulled up the line and eventually found the roots. It was several feet of roots happily living in my pipe and fully clogging it. He and his apprentice worked all day to get things done and cleaned up.A few highlights: they answered their phones with a real person. They showed up quickly. They came when they said they would. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to explain. They cleaned up after themselves. Plumbing work isn't cheap and I hope to not need them frequently but I am saving their number for another call if I need it.
    Lawrence Taub
    Call these guys up today with a clogged septic tank, they came out at the agreed time and fixed the issue right away. Jon took the time to explained my issue, correct it from occurring again as well as quoted me a fair price for all work.Got the septic unclogged and pumped since it had never been done since I moved in the home.I recommend these guys to come take care of your problem, its very hard to find reliable help and they were quick and professional, should be able to give them 10 stars!!!
    Floyd Sloan
    Great service. Fast response. Very personable. Would use again.
    Stephanie Nelson
    George really saved the day(evening). While other plumbing companies were not available during this hour, George and the team at Clog Dawg Plumbing came in the nick of time. What looked like a terrible sprang leak in my kitchen actually turned out to be double cracked pipes due to old compression valves. Had he not caught it, the problem would have been a lot worse. George identified the issue and resolved it in no time.Really appreciate you guys coming and saving my condo at such short notice. Will always recommend you all for your great work! Thanks once again!!
    Howard Vining
    This is the second time I've called Clog Dawg for plumbing issues, and they've been great. This time the main water line from the house to the meter was leaking and needed replaced. I called late at night and they were responsive and friendly, they came out early the following morning and were going to do the replacement the following day (holiday), but 811 ended up marking the utility lines fast and The Clog Dog repaired the line the same day. The workers were professional, friendly, and thorough. I would highly recommend.
    Aspen Bunyak
    Our plumbing issue was a seriously clogged kitchen sink. There were so many plumbers listed it was hard to choose among them. But talking with a candid plumber we were referred to Clog Dawg as a solid choice for this job. We feel we were fortunate to have called upon Clog Dawg. Our plumber was George Allen. George promptly diagnosed the problem despite it being in a very hard to reach crawlspace. He gave us a couple of options and without undue pressure, left to give us time to think about what we wanted to do. After doing some research, we decided George was offering us pretty reasonably priced options for the work needed. George was flexible with us despite his demanding schedule. Once we saw him in action, it was easy to see why he is in such great demand. George had brought along his apprentice Avery, a very able plumber in the making. Like George, she did not hesitate to dive right into the extremely shallow, dark, dirty, dusty crawlspace to get the job done. It was not an easy job by Any means, but they also completed it relatively quickly. Most importantly, George and Avery validated their work was done correctly at the end by thoroughly testing proper drainage at every water source. Then they cleaned up behind themselves before leaving. They gave us great value for our money, and left us with a peace of mind that we had been longing for for days. We are so grateful to George and Avery, and to Clog Dawg, for helping us out in a time of great need. We highly recommend Clog Dawg and George Allen for your plumbing needs, small or great.
    I had some one do a snake, it didnt work for my issue.A waste of my money very disappointed with my first service.Clogg Dog came through and got it unclogged..They very good people who knew what to do for my situation.
    Ramona Utsey
    George came out to my house on a Saturday evening within 2 hours of my call - the initial diagnosis was hard to determine as it appeared that the water main line from the street into the house needed to be completely replaced. George’s estimate was substantially lower than 2 other plumbers and he offered a warranty. When he came back in the daylight and started digging he found the problem was a simple leak which he repaired for less than 1/2 the cost of running a new water line. I wouldn’t have known the difference but George’s honesty and professionalism saved me a lot of money and the job was repaired quickly and neatly. I now have an honest, reputable plumber and they have a customer for life in me!
    Aric Keck
    Great work by honest and friendly people. They made suggestions on how I could save money and avoid the repair altogether. I decided to proceed with the repair job anyway (replacing an old, noisy toilet), and they did great work.
    Contacted this company on a Sunday hoping to get plumbing service before guests arrive to my home. Our tech (George) was upfront, professional, timely, and courteous. I highly recommend Claw Dawg Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. Thank you George!
    Chantelle Williams
    After the first plumber I called said it was an electrical problem, I had an electrician come out and confirm that the electrical was good; the disposal was shot. Tried Clog Dawg for the next round and they determined that the disposal was shot. He had a replacement on the truck (the brand we had planned to buy if needed), installed it, tested it, and made sure we were satisfied before leaving. Cleaned up leaving no sign he had been here. They only do certain types of work, but if your needs match their services, don't think about calling anyone else.
    Keith Hartsough
    This company was professional, answered all of my question, and did not talk my into extra service that i did not need. I am going to use this company in the future.
    mike richard
    Prompt and professional service even on a sunday!! Kenny took the burden off of the disaster of a blown water heater, on a Sunday morning ! Within hour of reaching out he was at my door to check the issue. Replaced/repaired by afternoon. Hassle free, honest and tidy. Also went above to set us up with a water remediation company after he found damage. Grateful for him and his services.
    Lacey Womack
    Kenny and Alfredo provided exemplary service. Extremely professional I would recommend them to anybody.
    G Phil Salwan
    We had to replace the main sewer line from our house to the street. It was a challenging job and Steve and Kenny did a great job of diagnosing, explaining what they found, and finding the right solution for us. It's never fun to pay for a new sewer line, but I am confident with the work that Steve and Kenny did that we won't have to worry about it again.
    Jeff Cravens
    When I called in, the plumber arrived an hour later to unclog my disposal. He was excellent, friendly, professional, and even taught me a few things. In my own attempt, I had blown the circuit breaker, so he made sure that was fixed first, then took the pipes under the sink apart to find the big clog. If I ever have plumbing issues again, he will be my first phone call. Thank you!
    Bonnie Best
    Prompt response and job well done
    Rishanna Finney
    We had a great experience with George. Called late on Sunday night and he was there at 9am Monday as promised. I was unable to unclog our pipes with a basic snake from Home Depot and needed something with more power. George came over and went above and beyond to make sure we don’t have a reoccurring problem. Thank you George!
    John L
    We had a disaster while re-tiling our shower and needed someone asap to reinstall the shower bath faucet. Kenny came to our house twice in one day to make sure the job was done. He was fantastic, very professional, very fair price and the work was excellent. We 100% recommend.
    Charlotte Hickman
    I normally wouldn’t write a review for a service I didn’t use, but George from Clog Dawg was great. George came out and diagnosed the issue. He Spent time and showed me how I could easily take care of it myself. He had an emergency before our appointment that ran late but I received a call to let me know that. Really happy with the honest, up front service.
    Mike Greene
    George was very professional and had some helpful advice. Job well done. Thanks George and Clog Dawg!.
    Rick Howard
    Thanks for taking care of us today. Your technician was great and we will continue to use your services.
    Ed Roberts
    Yes.... Yes....and YES!!!1. Great responsive customer service!!!2.Fast and dependable... professional employees3. Fair and honest.....a rarity in 2020!
    LaTanya Sellars
    The clog dog employee was early and a good worker. His job was tough but he got it done even though there was some set backs. He was very knowledgeable. I had roots in my line just outside the septic tank and they broke it. Needless to say it was expensive but I have no more back up. Thanks Clog Dog.
    Will Durham
    Very fast, friendly service!!! Will definitely use them again!!
    Melody Alford
    Called about a leaky toilet and made an appointment for the next morning. But Kenny called back and asked to come tonight (and did not charge after hours fee). Kenny was awesome. Took care of the problem very quickly. The cost was well below what I have been charged vy other companies. Would definitely recommend Kenny and Clog Dawg.
    Basement flooding problem- after comparing estimates from 3 different companies , decided to work with CLog dawg- price quoted was the lowest for the same work, George did a great job installing a sump pump and a spare toilet.I waited to give the review after a series of heavy rain to make sure everything works as it should. Basement is dry , no sign of water leak and my son is happy with the toilet.I would gladly recommend CLOG DAWG and will definitely use them again for any plumbing work.
    Karen Henson
    Georgie arrived very quickly after my urgent call to fix water shut off valve for old refrigerator. Turns out the delivery guy was wrong. So Georgie helped move my old fridge, swept up the floor, and put in my new fridge and connected the water line. He was awesome! Thanks so much Clog Dawg for your over- the- top customer service!! 🙂
    Ann Roat
    I've used The Clog Dawg several times and their responsiveness and quality of work has always exceeded expectations. Highly recommend anyone needing any type of plumbing work done to contact Clog Dawg. They will always be my go to plumbing company.
    mark shay
    George was running late but made sure to call twice to let me know and kept me updated on when he would be able to arrive. He quickly and easily assessed my gas lines and made the necessary connections, but went 3 steps further to go ahead and unpack the materials of my new range and make sure everything was there, made sure the range fit flush against the wall, and made sure I knew where every gas line shut off valve was and what they fed to. He even showed me that I had a gas line running to my back porch for a grill connect that I had no idea about! Was extremely courteous and professional, would gladly recommend and have out again.
    Andrew Goodner
    The Clog Dawg answered immediately and had someone at my home within the hour. They did an excellent job at fixing the leaking pipe behind my washing machine. While there they also checked other areas I had concerns about and were not trying to overcharge me. Kenny did an excellent job.
    Just had a second job done by the guys at Clog Dawg. Great work as always. This most recent job required a re-running of the plumbing under the kitchen sink. Chauncey did an amazing job. He came into a plumbing mess from decades of work arounds and just transformed it to a super clean job. It was an amazing transition to witness. Every time I go under my sink now, I will smile at what a great decision it was to get it fixed. There was even a plumber onsite 2 hours after a call into the company. So overall, incredibly happy to have a job done right.
    Drew Phebus
    Fast response, great customer service, took extra care regarding gloves and mask due to tennant medical condition. Thank you Clog Dawg!
    Brad Holloway
    Steve answered very professionally and told me someone would be out around 12:30-1. Kenny showed up at 11:30 (early!) and diagnosed the kitchen sink issue immediately. After he was done, he actually cleaned up and put everything back under the sink just how he found it. The cost was a bit more than I anticipated but it was definitely a positive experience.
    Kevin Isenberg
    Had a customer who water heater busted and flooded his basement. Spoke with Kenny, who assisted me on getting the water heater replaced and had someone else come out and clean up the water. Kept me in the loop, it was great working with Kenny and 100% recommend him and the company as well..
    Angela Reiter
    George from Clog Dawg gave us an amazing experience, first off he was on time!! (Usually other people I’ve called have always been late) he fixed everything quickly and was patient with my questions. Awesome experience!! 10/10 thanks again!!
    I wanted to thank Clog Dawg Plumbing for the best 1st experience with the beginning of our home improvements. George and Anthony did an amazing job for us. They went above and beyond any expectations that we had. They also worked around our specific needs for our home. I will always use them and ask for George specifically for all future issues or repairs. They were prompt and gave very good pricing for what we needed done. I highly recommend this company for all your plumbing needs.
    Andrea Fernandez
    I will call on their service for my plumbing needs in the future. Kenny was my technician and he was on time, honest and fixed the issue in a matter of minutes.
    Shaneika Haskins
    George was amazing! Great service! Punctual, very polite, friendly and very professional! Also did everything so quickly and no mess. Would definitely recommend and have his service again!
    Mariana Roxo Loureiro
    These dudes are pros! Had my sewer line collapse in my old (1930) house which had the original cast iron plumbing still in place. But George and Freddie got me taken care of! They did a great job installing the new sewer line (which was no small task, dudes had to have laid like 60+ ft of pipe) and I am super pleased with the job they did re-routing my existing plumbing to the new line. Would for sure use Clog Dawg again, good bunch of guys
    I called 6 different plumbing companies to get quotes for a new garbage disposal. The Clog Dawg was the only one to quote me over the phone and they had the lowest service fee for coming out. George was professional and efficient, getting the job completed fast. He even cleaned up his work area afterwards. I will be calling this company again for future plumbing work.
    Esther Greenwald
    Was quick and found the issue before it turned into a bigger issue which would've cost me more money. Thanks!
    BW Gillies
    I made the call to The Clog Dawg and I must say I have no regrets. Steven and his staff was very quick to come out my home and clearly knew what the problem was in minutes. They were very professional and knowledgeable as they took care of the plumbing needs related to a backup problem in the bathrooms. I have used other companies in the past that charged five times as much, and I must say, they did a better job for a fraction of the cost!!!! Awesome job guys!
    Had a leak in my undergound service. Steve came out, diagnosed the problem, dug up the pipe and showed me the leak. Although it was in a tough location, he did an excellent job on the repair. I have used these guys several times on my properties, would not call anyone else.
    Andrew Horn
    Very professional, service tech (George) did a fantastic job. Very pleased and would highly recommend. I will definitely refer and use them again.
    Keith Watson
    He was quick and thorough and moved through options as necessary.
    Kellie Clark
    Really great! Was able to squeeze me in quickly. Will definitely use again.
    Mary D
    Professional, prompt and knowledgeable. Company sent a tech out same day and he fix issue within reasonable timeframe. Pricing did seem skewed for just a shower cartridge replacement, but overall he completed the job well and installed a new showerhead for us. Would recommend but note a bit pricey.
    Sophia C
    Called Clog Dawg about a clogged shower drain. George was at my house within 30 minutes. He showed up on time and was very professional, he was very knowledgeable with what he was doing and fixed my problem in a matter of minutes. I’d recommend George and Clod Dawg over anyone else in town!
    Jasmine Allen
    I moved into my home 5 years ago and rediscovered three drains of a French drain system in my back yard that the previous owner had allowed to get covered over with dirt. I don't think it had been serviced since it was installed ~35 years ago. George from Clog Dawg arrived on-time and did a great job clearing the lines and helping me locate several spots where the lines had broken as well as providing solid advice as to what I should do about it. I'm sure I'll call on them again for my plumbing needs at some point in the future. Thank you, George, and thanks Clog Dawg!
    Christopher Masterson
    Quick professional service!
    These guys are great! My wife and I bought a home right down the street from their office. Our house was completely remodeled, and they did all the plumbing work. In the first year of living here, we have only had a couple minor issues, honestly caused by me trying to do the job of a professional. On two separate occasions, these guys have come down the street and helped resolve issues at no cost to us. I can’t say or expect they would do this for most situations, but I am very grateful. I have had encounters with the owner, as well as several of his employees. They are all very professional and kind guys! They do great work and are reliable and trustworthy! I highly recommend Clog Dawg!
    Jordan Fernie
    I've used Clog Dawg several times now and they're fantastic. Super responsive, have always come out quickly when I had a need, they carefully explain what they're doing and why and they've always solved my issues. Highly recommended!
    Josh Erwin
    Best service with courteous plumbers. I called on Sunday morning and Kenny was at my door within 2 hours. Very fast! He took a look at the situation, gave me some tips, commented on some other things and got to work. Unfortunately, the problem was worse than expected, so he explained to me some options and promised to come tomorrow (Monday) morning to fix the problem. We needed a clean-out installed, he arrived with some help on Monday, they they installed the clean-out and used a 4000PSI water jet to clean the spidering roots (fyi - it takes about 1200 PSI to cut skin). The water drains great now. We need to get the rootball fixed down the road, but now we know where the problem is and we will definitely be using Clog Dawg to fix the root problem.
    ATL US
    Nice work, and act fast!
    Jingxiu Shi
    Kenny was amazing. The price was great and less than what was quoted. Highly recommend.
    Roger Petty
    Kenny showed up on time and quickly identified the cause of our problem. While discussing the course of action he also addressed a separate issue that we had with our garbage disposal. We chose to fix the drain stoppage and replace the disposal at the same time. Kenny was able to complete the work quickly and cleanly. Very good experience.
    Great service. Kenny came out that day, solved the issue quickly and professionally, and at a much better price than other quotes.
    Thomas Boyd
    Excellent experience to clear a clogged line. Called on Saturday morning and a technician was scheduled and arrived within a few hours. George was able to quickly find the problem, tree roots blocking the line, and repair the same day
    Mark G
    had a bit of a mix-up on the start date. the repairs, done by kenny moultrie and his helper, were a- number- one. would have given a five star rating if not for the start date issue.
    jim kilgore
    Kenny was great, professional, and efficient.
    Cl Phillips
    We had roots through our sewer line so it was frequently clogging. They came out and dug a new route for the line connected it to the sewer and everything. It was brutally hot and I really appreciate their hard work to allow us to use our water facilities again. Had a great experience with these folks. I highly recommend their services.
    Asa Wilson
    We've used The Clog Dawg for over 4 years now and the visit today was just as good as the first one. Great service, knowledge, and customer care. I highly recommend them.
    Jeff Cox
    I contacted Steve Friday and he had Kenny out first thing Monday morning 8 a.m. I've been using Steve Claw Dawg for years now and never disappointed! Kenny did a great job and a small amount of time. Fortunately it was not too extensive a repair but getting it fixed quickly was really nice! These guys will have my business for years to come!
    Jeff Howard
    There are not enough words that I can use to express how awesome this team is. From getting a new water heater when I first moved in, to showing up at 10pm because a pipe busted in my tub and I had water seeping through my light fixtures. These guys are truly the best. Great prices, everyone I have had the pleasure of working with has been so kind and responsive as well . I strongly recommend utilizing their services.
    Yarenis Rodriguez
    Just bought a new house and moved in a few weeks ago only to start hearing my toilet gurgle aggressively anytime I ran the shower or washing machine. I called The Clog Dawg late on a Sunday evening with my problem and Steven was at my house within two hours snaking the pipe and cleaning out my drain as well as sticking a camera down there to make sure there wasn’t a bigger issue. Unfortunately the gurgling toilet was a symptom of a much larger issue, but Steven got on the phone right away with his boss to see how quickly they could begin work on replacing the horribly corroded pipes under my house. Steven went above and beyond to do what he could to find the easiest, most affordable, and most painless solution to the problem I am experiencing. Looking forward to seeing the work he completes and will definitely be relying on Steven and the rest of The Clog Dawg crew for any future plumbing issues! Thank you tons Steven and Randy for your quick response time, expert knowledge, and professionalism
    Shelby Messing
    Kenny was a professional and showed up quickly after the initial call. We were given a good price to fix our issue, will use in the future if we have more issues.
    dennis durando
    Had an emergency on a Sunday afternoon and Kenny from Clog Dawgs came out within an hour. Kenny was able to diagnose the issue and fix the clog. Would definitely recommend and will continue to use Clog Dawgs.
    Jessica Jennings
    I used ClogDawg for an after hours emergency leak. Steven, which I later learned is the owner, came out right away and went to work. He went above and beyond what any plumber would be expected to do. He even helped me clean up the water around the toilet! I highly recommend this company.
    Art Depina
    Kenny came by and fixed my main sewer line nice and fast. Hassle free experience. I highly recommend.
    Steven Nelson
    We had a toilet overflow in an upstairs bathroom, which led to a disaster scenario of water flowing through the ceiling below. Clog Dawg was able to send someone same day (and way faster than I expected). Kenny went above and beyond fixing the clogged toilet. My naive self thought that with little visible damage, the water wasn't an issue. But Kenny advised that we talk to a construction firm that specialized in water damage. He provided a recommendation (including calling them for me, so I got an immediate follow-up). The water had spread much further than we expected, and without his advise, we might not have caught it so quickly. Additionally, he provided helpful insight on working with insurance and broke out the invoice to better accommodate working with our specific insurance firm. Thanks, Kenny!
    Emily Simmons
    Awesome company
    Travis “MAC” McAbee
    Steven was great! Best plumber I’ve had and very knowledgeable!
    Tamela Joyce
    Excellent service always. Kenny is the best. They helped me win my law suit.
    Stephanie Hunter
    Kenny is a true professional. I wish that the initial plumber who was dispatched had the professionalism, expertise, and customer service Kenny displayed. Kenny worked with us and understood our pains and helped us understand the complete scope of the problem. He gave us short term and Long term solutions with the full understanding of pros/cons. Good service is the best marketing tool for any contractor and speaks volumes. I plan on referring Kenny and Clog Dawg to all my friends and family because of his knowledge and customer service. Thanks Kenny!
    Alrazi Bashir
    I couldn't be more pleased with the service. Emergency clogged kitchen sink on a weekend and Clog Dawg was easy to get in touch with to set a Sunday appointmentBrent and Freddie did my work. Both were nice, friendly, and professional. Also knowledgeable on matters of plumbing and helped to resolve my significant problem issue in a short time.I am very thankful and would recommend Clog Dawg to my friends and family. Thank you for the quick relief and excellent service!
    Jennifer Weber Wicker
    Kenny came out and did an incredible job unclogging my storm drain. He diagnosed the problem and was able to come back and jet it out. Saved me the time and money of ripping it all out and replacing it. He offered suggestions to help in the future, was very professional, and will be used again if need be. Highly recommended.
    Matt Zurzolo
    Kenny was great! Very polite and informative. Talked me through everything he was doing. Will use them again and request him next time.
    Shannon Saunders
    Kenny was so helpful in looking at our plumbing issues. We will definitely use The Clog Dawg again!
    Jody Gansel
    They were very easy to schedule an appointment,which helped to resolve my plumbing issue quickly. Knowledgeable and professional staff. Excellent work. I was very satisfied.
    Shamiso Tardif
    Clog Dawg is an excellent professional plumbing company. We had 4 different plumbers come out to try to "fix" our issue. No one could diagnose our issue properly. Kenny came out and diagnosed our problem quickly and fixed it. We had some problems(out of Clog Dawgs hands) they came out immediately and fixed it again. I highly recommend them for plumbing issues small and large.
    Amanda Dunavent
    Very prompt, professional, knowledgeable service!
    Ruth Schonfeld
    Kenny was great!
    Matthew Horn
    My girlfriend and I had difficulty with water backing up into a toilet. After many tries to snake out the toilet, sink, and washer, we called Clog Dawg for assistance. Bill came out on Saturday evening at 11:00 and was able to resolve our issue within an hour. We will definitely be calling Clog Dawg if needed again in the future.
    Jordan Willis
    They came out and did a complete pipe replacement new water heater pressure relief valve expansion tank did awesome work was very clear about what they were going to do in great with the timeline if you need Plumbing please call the clog dawg
    Kenneth Lane
    Kenny did a excellent job replacing the pipe and hot water heater from where my water pipes had bursted. The only technician that the work. The Clog Dawg Plumbing has a greart employee Kenny. Thanks Kenny you are the best.
    Fannie May
    Kenny was awesome, I'd highly recommend Clog Dawg.
    Tracey Coleman
    All good things about Clog DAWG...Arrived promptly and took a good look at our issue. Gave a fair estimate and was lucky enough to get the work done today. Thanks to Kenny and Rick for working into the dark to get the job done ..and done RIGHT!!! Thanks from the Atlanta Pet Resort!!!
    Michelle Lewis
    Months ago when I moved into my townhome I had a clogged pipe that would back-up frequently. We called Roto-Rooter and were told because the home was build in the early 70's with cast iron pipes, they wouldn't clear the issue due to the concern of creating more problems and told us we needed to replace the pipes out to the street. We ended up fixing the clog ourselves with a store bought snake.Fast forward a few months and I had another clog in the plumbing so we spent an entire day trying to fix the problem ourselves, snaking down the kitchen sink, the laundry pipe, and finally removing the toilet all to no avail. Finally, at 9pm on a Saturday night we broke down and called Clog Dawgs and Randy answered right away. I said "it can wait til morning" but was told there was a technician in the area who was just finishing up a job and he would be over right away and the price wouldn't be any different, there is a flat "weekend rate", regardless of the time of day. Less than 30 minutes later he was at my East Cobb home and got the issue cleared up in a matter of minutes. He then scoped the pipes to see if there was any other issues that could arise. He patiently answered all my "new homeowner" questions about the plumbing and showed me the condition of my pipes, which due to age the pipe width has decreased and may need to be replaced, however we found that actually the pipes to the street were PVC and in great shape! He then offered to reinstall my toilet without charging me anything more! (I had already bought a new wax ring when I was out buying snakes). By 11:30pm we were comfortably showering without a concern of water overflowing!If I ever have another plumbing issue I would absolutely use Clog Dawgs again. Bill was upfront, honest, patient, friendly, convenient, local, quick, efficient, considerate of my home, cleaned-up after himself, and no hidden fees. Highly recommended!
    Jamie Schlenker
    Stand up job. Stand up company. Came out and saved the day on BlackFriday!
    Eric Mason
    Great service arrived as scheduled and did a top job
    Ganesh Madisetti
    I recently noticed that my house was having issues with the plumbing backing up as well as water pooling in the backyard. I called and spoke with Steve, explained my situation and he quickly scheduled Kenny to come out and assess my situation. Kenny arrived on time, he was professional, friendly and knowledgeable about his profession. It was determined that the main sewage line from the house to the city sewer had collapsed and would need to be replaced. After receiving several estimates from several other companies I decided to choose Clog Dawg because I felt they would take the best care of me and the job would be done correctly. Steve and Kenny showed up on the day promised, made the repairs quickly, efficiently and had it completed in the time frame promised. Once completed, Kenny made sure my yard was put back together even going as far as spreading hay on the excavated areas of my yard. Kenny also made sure my drive way was blown and rinsed off of any mud or debris the equipment left behind. I’m extremely satisfied with my experience with Steve, Kenny and the rest of the Clog Dawg staff. I would highly recommend the Clog Dawg for any of your plumbing needs. I can honestly say they treat you and your home with the upmost respect. Thanks again for your help!!
    Mike H
    Fast, clear and reliable.
    Gentil Santos
    Bill and Ryan did a fantastic job clearing out my clogged drain in my kitchen. Would highly recommend. They also beat some of the other plumbing companies around town with the price of the job.
    Matt Corns
    Bill replaced our water heater and went above and beyond to make sure our older home was up to code!
    Christy Tanguay
    Kenny came out early in the window of time they quoted. He was very knowledgable, helped clear my clog and even made recommendations on how I can prevent future issues. I would definitely use clog dawg again.
    Jay K
    Bill was my technician and he showed up within an hour of my call to Clog Dawg. Bill was nice, knowledgeable, and obviously experienced. He took the time to show me my problem and explain how he would repair it. I felt confident that Bill had seen all the things that could have gone wrong with my repair and he could deal with them. So, I will definitely use Clog Dawg again for my plumbing needs.
    Don Simon
    Bill from Clog Dawg was super friendly, superbly professional, arrived right on time and replaced my water heater in exactly the amount of time he advised me it would take. He explained what he was doing and how to care for my new water heater. Excellent service!
    Kisa Pangburn
    Love there service! Great communication! They care about your needs! Coolest thing it’s not just 1 employee but it seems that most of them carry the same great personable qualities which is cool, and they get the job done! Thanks Clog Dawgs!
    Destanie J.
    Good experience from first phone call to finished job. Bought a new gas grill and needed it converted from propane to natural gas.
    Janis Belleau
    Very professional. Ask for Kenny!
    Shawn Murray
    The technician, Kenny, was polite, professional and informative! He asked me to look at the camera with him then explained my options without trying to oversell me! I would highly recommend the Clog Dawg for a once or yearly inspection if you suspect that roots may be causing havoc in your drainage pipes.
    Sharon Anonymous
    Great Service!
    Woodrow Nesbitt
    We had a problem. We called a plumber. The problem was “solved”. A week later we had the same issue. We called Clog Dawgs. Steve came out and took care of the problem A to Z. He is knowledgeable, efficient, has the contacts, and works excellent with insurance. We were pleased with the price as well. Call The Clog Dawg Plumbing, Inc. Thanks.
    Andrew Watkins
    Clog Dawg is nothing short of excellent! They are knowledgeable and work hard to fix the problems in your house. One of the first things that made me trust Steve is how he spoke to me about my clog knowing exactly what was going on before I could even tell him. He and his employees are truly experts in their field. Steve found a major problem in my home that an inspector and another plumber missed if it was not caught so early it would have resulted in black mold. The prices are fair and worth it. His team was able to be at my house the same day they were called. Steve ended up replacing all of cast iron plumbing in our home that was built in the 70s. Steve has relationships with other contractors in th area who work at the same level of quality Clog Dawg does. Steve also works with insurance companies better than anyone I have ever seen. He knows exactly how to write up paperwork for what the insurance companies need. Highly recommend!
    Morgan Watkins
    They answer my call right awayAnd the service was clean fast and fearI highly recommend them
    Patricia Diego
    Came out Sunday really quickly.
    Ryan Sanders
    Great experience. Had a backup into the house. They were able to come and trouble shoot the same day. Kenny was honest and forthright about everything from the beginning to the end. Greatly appreciate it.
    Jared Micou
    I have used this company multiple times now for plumbing issues with my older condo. They are always quick to respond and are very knowledgeable with fair pricing for work that’s done the right way the first time. i have a couple other projects in the future that i will be calling them on.
    Collin Sumpter
    These guys were amazing! They showed up early and stayed late to unclog our kitchen sink tht has been a problem off and on for years now. It was installed 7 years ago, and it never drained this well. I chose this company because they had great reviews and a fair price, and even though the job took a lot more time and work than they expected it to, they honored their quote. I will use Clog Dawg for any of my plumbing needs in the future. Randy, Kenny, and Ryan were beasts. They had a huge, disgusting mess on their hands (literally), and they did a great job cleaning up after it as well.
    Mark Koury
    A+. Rapid response, wonderful service and thorough job.
    Carl Chandler
    Life saver! Knowledgeable, quick, efficient.... cool dude.... thks so much!
    Ms. Sobe
    I needed to replace my a 15-year old kitchen faucet. The technician (Bill was his one word....AWESOME!) arrived on time, walked me through the process, and got to work right away. He switched out the old with the new faucet without any issues. He answered all of my questions, provided me the opportunity to see the one-piece faucet with the plate and without the plate before hook-up. I really appreciated that. The faucet works great and Bill even installed the included soap dispenser free of charge.This is the first time I have used Clog Dawg. Not only would I use them again in the future but I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks to Bill and Steve (the owner)! You guys were great!
    Kevin Mylod
    Kenny came to my house and was very nice and respectful. I did not have a big problem.,but a problem nonetheless. It is fixed. I will call them again if needed. Thank you Kenny. Sometimes just showing up and being nice is the best blessing.
    Mechele Fidelman
    Great knowledgeable plumbers
    Christian “King” Hancotte
    Great people, great service,professional work!
    John Wayne
    Love this place! They fixed my sink and they got here really fast. I would definitely recommend them for your plumbing needs!
    Cookies By Design Marietta
    Great Plumbing would call them anytime
    John Ingram
    Fixed the problem. We were very impressed with Rick & Wayne. They spent all day out here in the cold to get this done.
    Shannon Cameron
    This is the 2nd time I've called Clog Dawg in for a plumbing job at my home. My first experience was having to install a new hot water heater and they were literally so responsive, I not only had someone come out to look at the unit, but also replace it in the same day. This time I had a leak from my upstairs bathtub that was leaking into my kitchen ceiling below. Steve came out the same day I called (even though I know its been busy with the temps so low) and diagnosed the problem without charging me since I was a repeat customer. They also had their restoration partner (Quality Restoration - Michael) out to survey the damage and help me submit an insurance claim within 2 hours after diagnosis. I am now waiting on their team to come out also on the same day to clean up and begin restoration on the area. Truly quality service from these guys with very little notice on my part.
    shannon mcginley
    Friendly, knowledgeable owner
    Rishanna Finney
    Steve, the owner is a rare breed in these times...honest and knowledgeable! We had an emergency flooding situation and he was there in a flash to remedy the situation. We were out of town and couldn't see what was going on, but Steve made us feel at ease by not only fixing the clogged toilet but also contacted the mitigation company so they could begin the drying out process. Can't say enough good things about these guys!
    Brian benefield
    We had a clogged kitchen sink and Steve came out to fix it the same day with no extra fees. I actually learned something about plumbing that day as he was patient to explain to me how our house was piped and what to watch out for in the future. He was kind, knowledgeable, efficient, and considerate to leave my kitchen as clean as he found it. I will be using them again!
    Newton & Kayla Forbes
    Fast service, quality work.
    Kennesaw Blueprint
    Timing is everything, emailed through Yelp less than 10 minutes received email response. Since I did not include phone #was asked to call.830 am called, scheduled for 11Am to 1 PM.Unstopped sink drain in short time ,did great job and finished before lunch appointment I had today 10/27/17. Price was reasonable work done quickly and very friendly, professional guys , thanks so much.
    Frank Brocato
    Clog Dawg came to see me on 8/3/17 to perform some follow up insurance work for Blackmon Mooring due to a toilet that flooded my house. They were unable to perform the work requested but whilst they were here, I inquired about work on the 3 toilets in my house and my pressure regulator valve. The plumber was very knowledgeable and rebuilt 2 toilets and repaired one and replaced the pressure regulator valve for a reasonable price. I am writing this review on 9/12 as I await a follow up from them as there are a couple of minor issues with the toilet(s) and will provide a follow up review which I am certain will be positive.
    Phillip Harris
    I had a stubborn clogged toilet and my usual guy couldn't come out until next week. So I called Rooter Plus. They showed up and the guy immediately quoted me $300 to auger a toilet and $500+ if he had to pull the toilet. I told them Buh-bye and called Clog Dawg. They said they'd be out before 5 and showed up at 3:45. Tommy had it done in 5 minutes for a total of $129. Still a money maker but much more reasonable. At $300 for a 5 minute job that amounts to $3600/hr.
    We have been thoroughly impressed with The Clog Dawg's commitment to doing only what's needed (not more) and doing it well (very professional). From answering the phone directly (not getting an answering machine), answering questions, and being willing to come as soon as possible, the relationship feels more like a partnership...with both parties having my best interest in mind.
    Barbara Giuliano
    Thank you for getting our hot water back so quickly.  A special thanks to Steven for going the extra mile.  He was so helpful and professional.  We will certainly continue to call Clog Dawg for any future plumbing needs. I highly recommend them to all of our family and friends. These guys are awesome!
    Mitchell Leah
    Service was professional and efficient. Feel like I could have done it myself afterwards. Was anticipating a complex problem that turned out to be a 5 min job with maybe, and I severely mean maybe, $50 in parts from Home Depot.
    We had great experience with them. Antonio gave us great customer service we would call them again in future.
    Betheny H
    great company reasonable pricing very easy to work with
    josh zink
    Wow. What can i say? I called the Clog Dawg in a panic on the 4th of July 2017 and luckily someone by the name of Randy responded. I explained to him that my tenants at my rental property were having issues with the draining of the upstairs bathrooms/sinks/showers and when they would run water, it would drain into my basement's shower, overflowing the shower and spilling into the basement carpet. I just knew this was going to be a disaster and a ton of money. Welp, Randy tells me a quote over the phone not nearly close to what i was thinking (it was much much much less), but once he sends his technician over, Jesse, we realized that my property does not have a clean out. This means that Jesse was going to have to check the pipes through the basement toilet. The quote now was about $500! For a job that magnitude, I thought surely i'm into the thousands. Well, Jesse was there for almost 5 hours trying to get his machine to remove whatever was blocking the pipes from draining. He kept at it so long, I had to leave but i told him to call me for anything. Well, when he called I just knew it was bad news. I mean, it had been about 3 hours since i last heard from him so surely he wasn't able to complete the work. When he said "ma'am, i got it to work and now everything drains properly" i almost shed a tear. I was so happy we did not have to replace the entire pipe, that was my biggest fear. I'm sure if i would've called anyone else they would've given it two hours tops and then probably would've told me they couldn't do anything further. But Jesse, he was determined and for that kind of service, you cant find it anywhere. He was very professional, explained what he was doing or needing to do in lament terms and put in a good sweat to get my home working properly again for my new tenants. I will definitely be calling them again for ANY plumbing needs! Thank you Jesse!
    Ivyleaf Interior Decor
    Steve and his crew are excellent and I highly recommend them! My house got flooded and they were able to come out the same day. The fix was more complex and time consuming than initially anticipated, but they were kind enough to accommodate our schedule and quickly remediate the issue. They also went above and beyond to recommend a contractor for repairs in our home and connected us with the county which was extremely helpful. Throughout this process we felt like they had our best interest in mind. They were very patient with us and left their work site clean. Thank you very much - we appreciate your help!
    Jenya Forsyth
    Great plumber.
    Debbie Banks
    I rarely give reviews but I just got work done by The Clog Dawg and I've got to say they are the best plumbers I've dealt with in years! Very professional and punctual. If you're needing work done to your plumbing or sewage don't hesitate to call them!
    Craig Ray
    I found Clog Dog by searching my Neighborhood's FB page. They were prompt and polite on the phone and the plumber they sent out was fast, professional and courteous. I will definitely be using them in the future for any and all my plumbing needs!
    Scott Nichols
    'Go-To' A-TeamI currently live in Valdosta and had a rental property in Acworth, which I rarely visited. I have had the pleasure of using Clog Dawg on more than one occasion, the most recent was for a disrupted drain line INSIDE my foundation. They did not waste time and gave me updates as the work progressed at the end of each day. I will tell you that they are efficient, professional, and are thorough with the tasks. On previous tasks, they have even taken extra steps, to be able to better explain their discoveries to me.One example was when I needed a regulator installed on my water supply line going into the house from the city, when the pressure was too high. Before maintenance began, a baseline of data was taken, with a picture that was sent to me, before work started. This was absolutely what I needed to be reassured that I got the right man for the job. If you don’t use them, you’re doing it wrong and losing. In conclusion, if you don’t know who to go to, this is the first and only call you need to make.Sincerely, Joshua Vines, Valdosta, Georgia
    joshua vines
    These guys are fantastic. They provide exceptional service. This is my first time having major plumbing issues and Steve is very patient in explaining the problems and the solutions. He knows everything about plumbing. Every person from the company that's been to my house has been extremely nice and patient. They are the best plumbing company you will ever find.
    Jaquelyn Jackson Simmons
    I have used The Clog Dawg on several occasions at a rental property that has been plagued with sewer tree line issues. Each time I called, I got very fast service. Because I am in the industry as a rental property owner and real estate broker, I deal with a lot of plumbing companies and know what fair prices for various services should be. The Clog Dawg has always given me fair pricing and good service.
    Matthew Share
    From when I called to when they showed up was only a few hours. They were early to the appointed time by 10 minutes, and throughout the tine they were there, they were professional and friendly. They answered any questions I had regarding the service performed.If I have any further issues in plumbing, they will be my first call.
    Miles Welch
    Steve and the other technicians are great! They are always pleasant and helpful. Each and every time I call, they go out of their way to meet my needs and accomodate my schedule. Great customer service and reasonable rates!!
    Phara Brown
    On a Sunday morning at 4:30am I had a pipe burst in my house. I called a number of plumbers who advertised 24/7 service. Steve was the only one who picked up. He was at my house 30 minutes after the call and the issue was fixed an hour later. He explained the work he as doing, was polite and professional and the price was reasonable. Highly recommended.
    I D
    These guys went above and beyond! We had a pipe break under the garage on a Sunday. After calling 10 people they were the only ones that would come out. After talking to the plumber that had come out he showed up on his day off to do the call. (Which shows they appreciate the business) they immediately connected us with a clean up crew that showed up an hour after they were here and fought the insurance company to cover the cost of the repairs . And even if we had to pay for the repairs due insurance not covering the price was more then reasonable for the work needed to be done. I don't do reviews but they guys are worth the time put the word out about them!
    Shawn Begley
    This company is so cool I really love them , always on time always fair with price, I manage a bar at Andrettis and we use them all the time. Steve is amazing. I recomend them to anyone and everyone. Thanks for all your help dude
    Erin Flowers
    Excellent service. Installed quickly. When a defect was noticed inthe vitreous by me, they came by and quickly replaced toiletat no charge. Competitive pricing.
    Allan March
    Clog Dawg did a great job fixing plumbing issues at our house at a reasonable price. I would greatly recommend them to anyone looking for expert plumbing services.
    Vijay Anand Nenmeni
    We had a pipe rupture in our home on a Sunday, and Steve arrived in short order after we called. He isolated the problem, explained our options, and made a quick repair. The next day, we found another leaky pipe in a separate part of the house; again, Steve and his crew responded quickly and made efficient repairs. Following these two episodes, and two independent opinions, we decided to have our 40 year old house repiped. Steve and his team provided a thorough estimate, explained what would comprise the job, and executed the work on time and within budget. After the work was completed, Steve walked me through the results to ensure I understood what was accomplished and how the pipe system is configured. The Clog Dawg is a reliable, affordable, local company.
    Mike Smith
    Replaced entire house plumbing including old heavy cast iron drain pipes and galvanized steel water lines. All for a very reasonable price. Very friendly, prompt and clean. Highly recommended.
    Remy Lawrence
    We had an emergency sewer issue on a weekend. We chose one of the large companies to assess the problem. Their price seemed high so we called The Clog Dawg team. They were able to provide a repair not to exceed quote over the phone. They arrived on time to fix our problem and brought all the necessary tools. They removed a section of fence, repaired the problem, answered our questions, and cleaned up to finish. The service was great and the price was fair. The owner was also willing to provide expertise on how to avoid future problems.
    Dustin Heslep
    The Clog Dawg were very prompt to come out to my home at no charge to diagnose my issue. They were very skilled in locating and repairing my sewer blockage issue. I can truly say this company puts customer service at top priority. I would definitely recommend the clog Dawg when you suspect any clogging or plumbing issues.
    Lorentz Ponelis
    I ended up meeting the Plumbers at Clog Dawg through my neighbor using their services. I have since used them for all my plumbing needs including a recent upgrade to my shower. Randy and Steve worked with my schedule and were helpful with recommending other trades to help me with my troubles.I look forward to working with the guys at Clog Dawg again in the future!
    Matt “Artie” Smith
    I wish I would've known about The Clog Dawg when I had other plumbing issues! Now I feel like I was suckered by another "big name company" into spending unnecessary money and repairs once I told him about previous projects that I had done.Steven was very personable and honest. He laid out all of the options for future repairs that I need done as well. He got my showers up and running again and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg! I will definitely be using the Clog Dawg for all of my future plumbing issues!
    Heather Hunt
    Great company! I researched a bunch on hot water heaters and they offered better quality and better price with installation included. Couldn't have asked for a better experience all around. I will be calling again with all my future plumbing needs. Highly recommended.
    Kevin Kerins
    I have used the Clog Dawg for several major plumbing repairs and have been extremely satisfied with the work provided. Very professional, courteous, honest, and consistent. I have referred The Clog Dawg to several of my acquaintances, and they have also experienced the same high level of service as I have. He is the only plumber I will ever call for any future plumbing needs!
    Kelly Brewer

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    The Clog Dawg Plumbing, Septic & Hydrojetting Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 155 customer reviews

    Great service

    Review of The Clog Dawg Plumbing, Septic & Hydrojetting

    They were quick and courteous. Love seeing the dog ride along as well.

    Fast shower repair & new toilet!

    Review of The Clog Dawg Plumbing, Septic & Hydrojetting

    Had Clog Dawg come in to fix a leaky shower where the handles had been stripped. After hearing about the challenges with my family member that uses that shower had made a great suggestion to switch the type of valve!! Now EASY USE of the shower and no crazy handles to worry about! Also, had a slow draining/clogged toilet on the basement level. Steven suggested a pressure-assist toilet and the difference in functionality is amazing! I no longer have to worry about young people and the toilet!! Best part of service was that Steven came the same day and had the repairs done 2 days later!!!!! Thank you Clog Dawg!!

    Great service, prompt response

    Review of The Clog Dawg Plumbing, Septic & Hydrojetting

    Kenny explained task thoroughly and was efficient and prompt in completing the job

    Great Service

    Review of The Clog Dawg Plumbing, Septic & Hydrojetting

    Kenny did a great job with our plumbing needs. Very neat and clean work. Explained everything in detail and was very courteous. I’ll definitely call him back for my next plumbing job!

    Great Service

    Review of The Clog Dawg Plumbing, Septic & Hydrojetting

    Fast friendly service delivered with expertise.

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