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Slab Leak Repair in the North Atlanta Metro Area and Cobb County

Slab leaks can put your property at risk of structural or water damage. Slab leaks develop under your home’s concrete slab foundation and are caused by damaged water or sewer lines. When the soil surrounding the pipe gradually moves away from the foundation due to the leak, it can cause your foundation to crack or settle. The Clog Dawg Plumbing & Hydrojetting Inc provides slab leak repair services for customers throughout the North Atlanta Metro Area and Cobb County, including:

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Signs It’s Time to Call Your North Atlanta and Cobb County Slab Leak Repair Expert

Getting slab leaks under control as soon as possible is crucial, since slab leaks can cause both water and structural damage. Know the warning signs of slab leaks so you can quickly contact a Marietta GA plumbing professional for immediate help. Signs of slab leaks include:

  • Noticeable cracks in the foundation

  • Leaking around the foundation

  • Damp, warm spots in your flooring

  • Unexplained spike in your water bill

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Marietta GA plumbing experts for slab leak detection and repair in the North Atlanta Metro Area and Cobb County.

Your Slab Leak Repair Options: Call Now for the Best Solutions

Our Marietta GA plumbing experts will take the time to assess the leak and confirm the problem. We use digital pipe locators method to identify the location of your water and sewer lines and pinpoint the affected area. Once a slab leak is confirmed, we will discuss your options for repair. These may include sewer pipe replacement, pipe lining, and pipe rerouting. Our team of Marietta GA plumbers will go over the best solution for your home and make sure the job is completed safely and efficiently.

Contact our experts today for immediate solutions to slab leak problems. We will have the issue fully resolved and your plumbing back to normal in no time. Serving the slab leak repair needs of North Atlanta and Cobb County.

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